Friday, November 6, 2009

My first YWASG meeting

Last night I went to my first Young Womens Arthritis Support Group meeting...

I surprisingly found my way there and didn't get lost...which is big for me :)

I got a new car a few weeks ago which is pretty cool.
I know this will sound biased but I have to say that I have the best family.
I haven't been working for over a year now and my old car was way too low for me to get in and out of. My younger sister needed a new car as hers was about to kick the bucket so she quickly got a loan approved and bought my car!

Then my dad and older sister leant me the extra money I needed to get a new car and I got a cute little ford fiesta.

Ooops I got side tracked....where was I?

Oh so I didn't get lost on my way to Ashburton yesterday (where the meeting was), I was a little early actually so went for a little walk up and down the main street.
I haven't been there for a while but I quite like the area. My sister used to live in Hawthorn. I think it's really pretty. Lots of big old trees.....

The meeting was really good.
There was no theme, we just sat around chatting. Had a few cups of tea and some tim tams :)
There were three new people (including me) and it was interesting hearing everyone's stories and just talking about the normalities in our lives that others without RA can't relate to.
Everyone there is at different stages of their lives and their RA but I feel that we are all there to help each other and assist in all the challenges we come up against.

I think that it's kinda cool that I was able to feel so comfortable so quickly upon meeting these women (and a few of their partners).
It was a very comfortable and easy environment and they all made me feel welcome.
The fact that I felt so at ease was possibly because I really needed the familiarity and comfort of having someone who knew what I was going through.
I think another reason I felt so comfortable was the fact that I had something that I could talk about that I knew so well because it's with me 24/7.
I haven't really had anyone that I could talk to before who understands what its like living with a chronic illness so it was nice to have a room full of people who get me without me having to say a word.
They were all very fun and made lots of jokes.
I think that is definitely one of the important parts of having a chronic illness, is being able to laugh at yourself and not take it too seriously.

I've been thinking about volunteering for Arthritis Victoria and going to this meeting last night has really got me thinking about what I want to do with my time.
As I can't really work at the moment until I get my RA under control, I may be able to volunteer one day a week....
Hhhhmmmmm......Decisions, decisons......

I'm also going to a workshop called All Fired Up, run by Arthritis Victoria, which is on the 28th Nov.
Here is the link if anyone in Victoria is interested.

Although I had a nap this afternoon after I tired myself out walking around Highpoint for a few hours, I'm kinda sleepy so time to hit the hay.

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