Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The People Most Important to Me

My two sisters, from L-R Sarah and Kaity and my mum, Cheryl.

My sister and my beautiful nephew Tully wearing my sunnies :)

Tully giving his little sister Haper Mae a kiss.

This is me and my best friend, Amanda. I lived with her for 12 months when I was 15 on exhange in Alberta, Canada! She has come to visit me twice and this photo was taken when we were camping on the Murray River a few years ago during one of her visits! No matter how many miles apart we are, and how often we talk, she will always be my best friend and I know that she will be there for me, as I will be for her.
This is Georgie and I at Albert Park lake in late Dec 2009.
Georgia is an awesome friend. We met in year 11 at school and became great friends from there.
I know that she will be honest with me no matter what, which is what I love about her.
She has been there for me through a lot over the past few years and I hope I can do for her all she has done for me.

This is Kara, Georgia and I at drinks in November 2009. I also met Kara in year 11 and we've been friends ever since!  There were countless hours spent at Kara's dad's house in the early years. Parties, drinking, Spa's....general shenanigans! Good times!
Kara got married 2 weeks ago on the 7th of Feb. She looked beautiful and I think everyone had a wonderful day!

 This is Melissa and I on the day before Kara's wedding. Mel is another friend from highschool, the first of the girls I became friends with actually.
Our friendship began in General Maths in Year 11 when we basically taught ourselves, did all the work in 20 mins and sat in class talking for an hour or so.(Damn you Mr. Anolak, you were such a lousy teacher haha!).
Our friendship is a solid one, we are each others counsellors and I think I did pretty well as because she is now finished her psych degree and I would have spend thousands of dollars on a real psych if I didn't have her! She has just moved to Brisbane as her boyfriend who is in the army has been posted there. I am off to visit her this week but will miss catching up with her over tea and Yum Cha....will have to learn to use skype I guess!

This is Duc. We worked together for about 9 months in a callcentre in Melbourne. She is my twin. I love her longtime! hehe personal joke, sorry!
I also love her personality, her caring nature and how we both love vintage fashion!
She has been there with me through a lot of hard times, and me for her.
She lives in Sydney with her boyfriend now. She comes to melbourne often which is great, and I have a reason to go on a holiday to visit her!

So these are the important people in my life....

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