Sunday, February 28, 2010

Burning the candle at both ends...

It feels like yesterday that I was in high school, let alone beginning Uni and now I'm a day away from the start of second year.
I am super excited.
I now have some direction to my degree and I am working towards something so it is much more exciting.
I am working towards doing honours.
To qualify I think I have to have a 75% average but I want to ensure I get in so I have decided that I want to aim for an 85% to 90% average, so I am going to have to work hard, but I think that it will be worth the effort.
What is the point of studying and being in class if I'm just passing or getting mediocre marks?
I want to challenge myself, and I know that I can do it so it is just mind over matter and doing the hard yards!
The last few months have flown by, and has been a much better start to the year than I imagined.
I think it is because I have been so busy so far this year, busy with thing's I've actually wanted to do, that I am feeling so good.
I have yet to have one weekend of doing nothing (which I think I am in dire need of) and I really like that, but I think need to slow down a bit so I don't burn out!
I am looking forward to a weekend at the beach with my boy at the end of March. 4 whole days of nothing. It is going to be delightful.
Almost had a migrane today so going to book myself in to get my eyes checked and go and see my physio as my neck is one of the major issues with the headaches that plague me.
I lost my favourite sunnies on the weekend, so that may have attributed to my headache today.
We were on the murray river, waterskiing and although there was torrential rain and thunderstorms with lightning in the morning, the sun came out around 11, and my sunnies were nowhere to be found! :(
I have a few other pairs but these ones were good as they cut the glare without being too dark.
Other than the headaches, I have been relatively pain free the last week or so. I imagine all the waterskiing I have been doing of late is doing wonders for my muscles, thus supporting my joints, which is great.
I am going to start doing Bikram Yoga again this week, as now I am back at Uni it is easier for me to slip down to fitzroy before or after class than it is to come all the way from home (about an hour trip), and my joints are being relatively pleasant enough to allow me to start going again. It will be a nice way to wake up before going to class :)
The glare from this computer screen is hurting my head so I will be off.
Wow, it is only 10.30, an early night for me! 

This is me (left) and my friend at our friend's wedding a few weeks ago, wearing my favourite sunnies that I lost on the weekend :( 

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