Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

I got my first tattoo about a month ago and I thought I would put it up here.
I'd been wanting to get a tattoo for a little while but I hadn't been able to decide on what image I wanted.

I love visual art and I love the idea of a time in your life being symbolised on your skin. I prefer an image over words as words can date easier and you would more often have to explain the meaning of a piece of text.

I got a cherry blossom branch on my ribs done in a watercolour style. I chose cherry blossoms due to their symbolism and also beauty. In Chinese culture they are a symbol of mortality and in Japanese culture they are a symbol of femininity and beauty.
After the last 12 months of my life I have come to realise that I am not immortal.
Life is short and is to be enjoyed.
Whenever I see my tattoo I am reminded of this.

I have had many compliments on my tattoo and have to give credit to Steve Moss at Eternal Art Tattoo and Body Piercing in Sunbury, Victoria for doing such a brilliant job. He is moving to Brisbane fairly soon so any Brisbanites who like his work now have the opportunity to have him tattoo you! I've  had a few people say that its big for a first tattoo and it is a little bigger than I first imagined, but I love it and I'm happy with it so that's all that matters. What is the point of getting something small just because it's your first tattoo.

It took 2 hours and wasn't as bad, pain wise, as I thought it would be. It actually felt really cool on my ribs. I told my tattooist this at the time and he thought I was a little strange....haha

This is to show how big it is on my torso<<<
I don't have a problem with anyone using my tattoo as inspiration for theirs but please don't steal my image to copy. Every tattoo is unique and credit should be given to the awesome artists who create them. This was drawn freehand onto my body.

Eternal Art Tattooing and Piercing's Website
Check it out :) 


  1. Your tattoo looks amazing! :) It being big just makes it all the more amazing^^ I have one small dragon tattoo on my back, near shoulder (I'm not sure how to explain the spot clearly in English). Would love to get more though!

  2. Thank you heidi! I love it too.
    Sometimes I forget that I have it and then I see it in my reflection and am reminded that life is fleeting but wonderful and it makes me smile.
    Is there any reason why you got a dragon as a tattoo?
    I am thinking about more, maybe one on the top of my foot, but as I mentioned to my physio therapist the other day, I have to think about where I get them in case I have to have a joint replacement one day! hehe

  3. I hadn't thought about the possibility of joint replacements :D It's strange how many different kind of things RA can affect :) I sort of have thought about having a tattoo on my wrist but now i need to reconsider, well there's still plenty of skin to choose :)

    The reason for getting a dragon tattoo was just that i love dragons, have always thought they're fascinating :) also 1988 (my birth year) is the year of dragon in chinese zodiac. I guess having my dragon tattoo was part of me getting independent because I had just turned 18 when i went to the tattooist (I'd been thinking of getting a tattoo for some years before that so it wasn't any rash decision :D)

  4. In regards to joint replacement, I hadn't thought about it either but my Rheumatologist explained to me that it is likely for me due to the damage in my hips. I have had RA for over 10 years now so that is to be expected I guess. She said this to me when I could barely walk last year and I am doing much better now so I guess I'm in the clear for now!
    I think the tattoo for me was a sign of my independence also. As I had broken up with my boyfriend of two and a half years, I wanted to do something for me. I love it. I had been thinking of mine for a while, but I didn't think of getting it that big! :) all good though :)