Monday, February 22, 2010


My older sister and I are thinking of starting a stall at our local market.
We are going to brainstorm some ideas and get started making, and hopefully have enough product for next months market, so probably at the end of March.

We went shopping at spotlight today and I got lots of pretty fabric and a few essentials- cotton, new scissors etc.
Here is the pretty fabric I purchased today!

This fabric is textured, it has little bumps on it, like the fabric is pulled in little spots.

I'll probably make a skirt with it. I bought 2 metres so plenty to play with :)

This is a gorgeous rose patterned light cotton.
Think I will make a dress out of this one...oh and maybe use it as lining for a cute purse pattern i just discovered!

This one is also a lovely light cotton and I LOVE the print.

This is a cute little stripey fabric.
Also a light cotton.
I just liked it so no plans as yet, but lots of potential!

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