Sunday, February 21, 2010

My creativity of 2010....

Here are the creative things I have done this year so far....I've been pretty busy being social due to my RA behaving so I haven't had as much time to be creative as I would have liked but I'm planning on changing that!
Reading all these wonderful blogs have got me motivated so I will do some sewing today I think....

I did this painting for a friend of my mum's for her birthday. 

I painted this elephant for one of my best friends. It was a VERY belated birthday present. It was for her birthday in May 2009, I finally got around to doing it and gave it to her in January 2010 :p
She still loved it anyway!

This is a painting I did for my dad for him for Christmas 2009. He likes Johnny Walker scotch and I got the design from a coaster that my Grandad had collected.

This is a picture I did for my mum for christmas 2009. I found the beauiful background fabric and then found the birds and thought they looked cute :) she loved it :)

This is a Mosaic sign that my younger sister and I made in one night for our parents' cabin on the Murray River, Australia. "Out-A-Time" is the name of our boat and the boat has similar colours to the mosaic. 

  Oh and I made a top last week with the help of my aunty. When I take a photo of it I will post it up here too :)

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