Monday, February 22, 2010

My first sewing from scratch project!

This is a pattern that I got from an opp shop for a dollar or two and I used it on wednesday night. It was the first time I had made anything from a pattern, or from scratch at all actually. I generally just alter garments that I buy!

 This is the result. You can wear it either way-back to front- with the high neck, or V-neck.....

This is the top not belted. The main fabric is linen and the sleeves and neck are some black fabric I got at an op shop....kinda a little stretchy heavy ribbed fabric. I prefer it belted but it can be a slouchy tee also....

I kinda abandoned the pattern as it was really confusing, and my aunty helped me out and taught me a few little tricks. Two of her daughters have done ballet since they were little and she has sewed all of their outfits. She was a big help :)