Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recent Op Shop Finds

Here are a few of my favourite op shop finds of late. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do shopping and wearing/using them

This is a beautiful beach bag/large handbag that I found for about $4. This was from an Op Shop in Sunbury, Vic. I think its cute with the woman's head in colour and then the ribbon stuck on the outside :p

These are the cutest pair of heel I got for my friends weddding! Just the right height for me. This is me in the middle with the grey dress on in my shoes :)

This is one of my favourite finds of the new year. These gorgeous sugar and flour canisters were bought at my local op shop for $4 each. Can't wait until I can move out of home and get all my kitchen in order and get to use all my beautiful treasures!

This mirror was a steal at $5 at an op shop in Sunbury Victoria. It has a sturdy ceramic base, with a rotating mirror in fairly good condition. There is only a little mark on on of the mirrors. One mirror is normal size while the other is magnified. I leave it on the normal side :p

This is a cute skirt I found. It can be a short dress << 
or a long skirt>>
I think I like it as a long skirt. Loving skirts at the moment. I apologise in advance for my bad posing....

These are two new additions to my ever growing pile of household items that I have bought before I move out....

So this is only a few of my finds....I've packed away some others but I will take pictures of them when I get around to it! :p Enjoy!

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