Monday, March 15, 2010

Olfa cutter!

I am having an awesome day!

Came home from visiting my boy, who gave me a present for no reason (my favourite poem printed on fabric to hang on the wall), and had spent the afternoon with my sisters and neice and I had a package waiting for me on my bed. Thanks mum hehe

I had received my Olfa rotary cutter that I had ordered off e-bay! I only paid on friday so wasn't expecting it until later in the week. It came from QLD too!

Now I am off to the clothing exchange in Melbourne this evening.
I am also very excited about that, besides the fact that my ankle has decided to be mean to me (its because I changed my physio appointment from today to friday, I can just tell!) and I am pretty tired from a late night and getting up early.
I have a busy few days of Uni ahead of me.
Oh well, will just have to rest I guess. Have lots of reading to do for Uni so guess that is a good excuse to sit around!

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