Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tapas and wine, wish it wasn't a sunday........

I ended a fairly average week with a lovely dinner with one of my dear friends.
I had a wonderful day all up really.

I slept in the most I have in months and then spent an afternoon hanging out with my sisters and my gorgeous niece and nephew.
Went out for brunch with them and a play in the park.

I then proceeded to the western suburb of Yarraville/Kingsville to the movies with a friend.
Our plans were slightly squashed when I realised I didn't have my bank card with me, luckily I hadn't gone and bought fuel on the way, as I was planning on doing, because I had no cash on me either!

And my friend couldn't get cash out of her card as it is a salary packaging card, and the movies only took cash, we headed back to her place. After a good chat (no cup of tea, but it was warm out...) we headed to a local Tapas bar for some nibbles.

Picked up her boy and his friend from watching the Grand Prix with mates and headed back to tapas where we enjoyed some lovely treats and a glass of red.
Two of the four there have to rise early for work tomorrow so we couldn't have a big night, and that is probably a good thing as anti-biotic's and wine don't mix!

I got home a little while ago, chucked on my pajama's and made a cuppa.
Off to do some sewing, not sure what yet but I will work something out.

I've been fairly busy with Uni work of late but a change in my scenery (aka. my bedroom furniture) has gotten me slightly motivated to sew.

The readings can wait until tomorrow.....

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  1. I would love it when you write me :)! You can find my address on my blog :)! I would love it =)!