Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I've been up to.....

Besides being back at Uni, I have been doing a 'lil sewing in my spare time, I am doing an arts degree after all so I do have plenty of spare time :)

Here are a few first attempts at some projects.....

This is a variation of this oil cloth coin purse that I turned into a pencilcase for Uni :)

Here is the purse I made directly from the tutorial, in two different fabrics.
Sorry for the sideways images. For some reason the uploader is loading them sideways and I can't seem to rectify it!

This is a top that I altered.
It was a simple black boat neck top and I added the lace and made the neck go along with the line of the lace. I feel like Audrey Hepburn when I am wearing it :)

This stripy top originally had little cap shoulders that I was not that fond of so I decided to make it into a singlet.

I cut off the sleeves, added the red around the neck and shoulders and then added the anchor.

I was going to do the anchor a bit bigger and I think that it would have looked a little better but I still like it as it is :)

I am trying to get into my school work at the moment so I might not do as much sewing in the next little while. I do have a little more energy lately (thing my RA meds are kicking in a lot more now) so I might be able to multi task a little! See how I travel!

Hope you enjoy my creations :)

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