Friday, April 9, 2010

Yay, I love Mail

My sister told me about this snail mail project that she was doing that she found on a blog and I thought "Oh yeah, that'd be cool" but due to my memory being WORSE than 10 goldfish, it slipped right out of my mind until I stumbled upon this post, The Penpal Project on Indie Fixx last night.

I sent e-mails to a few people off the list and decided not to add a post as my studies keep me fairly busy so I can only have a few penpals at a time. I have had two replies this morning.
One from Fabi in Germany and one from Ria in the UK. I am super excited, and went out and bought some envelopes today and went through my paper to find some nice sheets so I can make some pretty paper to write on.

I just noticed on my sisters blog Madame Button, that she joined the LWA.
What a wonderful idea. I just processed my membership so eagerly await it's arrival!
This is their mission statement. I can't wait to get started writing and making pretty papers and envelopes.
Firstly though I must write to my friend in Canada.

I have been a bit slack in writing to her of late as I read here letters as soon as I get them, but am running around doing 500 things so forget to reply. Plus we write on facebook sometimes so I usually know whats going on with here.
I lived with her and her family on exchange for a year when I was 15, in Alberta, Canada. She has since visited me twice, and I have been back to Canada once.
Although we don't talk often, I know that we will be friends forever. Our friendship feels more like that of a sister than of a friend. I will always be here when she needs me and I know she will be there for me. We have been through a lot, together and apart. That is what real friendships are about.

This is a photo of her and I when I visited Canada in 2005. We travelled across Canada and this is in a hotel in Quebec if my memory serves me correctly.

I better get writing then! Oh and I have a Uni assignment due in 4 days that I am yet to start so I better do some of that and not leave it to the last minute as usual. It is only 1000 words but it is on Karl Marx, who I am not all that familiar with so I better get to it!

It was my birthday yesterday.
I had a lovely day at lunch with one of my friends from Uni in the city, followed by some window shopping.
I then headed back home and went to dinner with my sister and nephew and niece at Pizza Verde in Kyneton. It was a bit of a struggle as my nephew is 20 months old and does not want to sit still, while my niece is 5 months old and teething!

After some delicious Funghi pizza, Prawn Pizza and Harcourt Apple Cider, we meandered home, with some take away for my dad and younger sister. We had a few pots of tea (Madagascan Vanilla and Chai) and a chat.
My sister got me a gift certificate for a local craft shop so I can't wait to go in and pick out some treats!  My younger sister is paying for me to get my ear pierced on the weekend for my birthday and she will get the same one too :)
My parents are getting cruise control installed on my car as my gift as my ankle has been playing up of late and driving to Uni, or anywhere further than a 15 minute trip is getting harder and harder.

I drove back from the city yesterday with my left foot crossed over my right on the accelerator. It was very unsafe but I was concentrating very hard, ready to swap my foot back if I needed to jump on the brakes. All went well of course, but I won't be doing that again.

I had lowered one of my RA meds; Methotrexate from 20 mg's to 15mg's, 3 weeks ago as the new drug, Enbrel, has been working really well.
I will be putting it back up as my ankle is getting progressively worse. (under doctors supervision of course)
I cannot wait for cruise control, it will be a godsend!

I am having some friends over saturday night for dinner and then am off go karting on sunday!
It will be an ace weekend! I am very much looking forward to it.

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