Monday, May 31, 2010

coelho culture: ace i am dreaming...

I was browsing the post= coelho culture: ace i am dreaming... and decided to have a look on the website she linked to.

I have never really wanted to travel to America, but now I just want to go there to stay in the Ace Hotel.

The hotel in new york looks unbelievable.
They look like apartments, not hotel rooms. I think if I stayed there, I wouldn't want to leave-I'd just move in.

The Medium-double room is way cute, as well as the loft with the parquetry flooring. Oh I wish I was closer to New York, or there was something similar in Aus.

Oh and the dining room in the New York branch looks lovely.

I do hope they start a chain up over here :)
Thanks Coelho culture for the post, brightened my day :)

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