Friday, May 7, 2010

Humour is an essential part of life, not only for those with a chronic illness

I was reading the post "Humour is a must with a chronic illness" by Living It, Loving It and had a few thoughts.

Humour is a must with a chronic illness but it is also a must with any aspect of normal life, if you have a chronic illness or not.

I see so many people in my everyday life who seem miserable and are frowning and either aren't very pleasant or pretend to be pleasant but you can tell they aren't happy.

What is the point of life if you are miserable?? Your life is your own, stop being miserable, go out there and do something about it.

Okay maybe everything can't be fixed by just going out there and being pro-active in making your life better, but just having a positive outlook on life can make a massive difference!

Say your applying for your dream job and you don't get it? Look at it as an option to make sure it is what you want to be doing, and if so, there are many opportunites out there, this one just wasn't the right one.
Things generally work out for the better if you think they will. If something doesn't happen, move on. Have a cry, have a drink of wine, tell your friend how pissed off you are, and start doing something about it.
Maybe your resume needs cleaning up, maybe you need to do a refresher course.
This can be applied to absolutely everything.
I am not saying that I am invincible, that I don't get dissapointed, but I have learnt how to deal with these setbacks and just keep going, find something new.

There is no point dwelling on the past, this is the present.
Make your future happier, you can't do anything about the past. It has passed.

I think humour is a wonderful way to start making changes in the way you think. Learn to laugh at yourself.
I guess this is where the RA aspect and humour tie together for me.
Over the 10 years of having RA I have had to learn to laugh at myself otherwise I would just be an angry, bitter shell of a person.
So that is my view on life today.
Learn to laugh at yourself, laugh at others.
Go see a funny movie, even by yourself.
Laugh out loud.
Life should be happy, no one can change that but you!

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