Friday, May 28, 2010

My Pledge

Over the last week my life has been good, I have been happy. I have got Uni assignments in on time, I have watched my favourite television shows, I have gone out to parties and had fun.

A week ago I de-activated my facebook account. It may seem insignificant to some but this has made a change for the better in my life.

I used facebook as a procrastination tool for everything, but mostly Uni work. I would be looking at people's pages that I didn't even know, browsing their photo's because we had a mutual "friend".

When I was feeling crap, I went on there and it actually made me feel worse. I saw ex's on there out having fun whilst I was sitting at home, on facebook.

I would see photo's of people travelling which made me feel shit and feel like I would never finish my degree and never travel again.

Then one day I just decided 'No More' and deleted my account.

Facebook may be good for some things, I do have friends overseas that I talk to on there and it is good for sending links, but it does nothing that e-mail does not do, it's just that everyone can see your business and what your sending and receiving.

And for facebook events, no offense to anyone who thinks they are good to organise events, because I guess they are in some respects, but what did we do before we had facebook? We called people, we sent them a text, we sent them an e-mail, when we saw them in the street we said "Hey, I'm having a party, you should come!"

And I won't even get started on the whole "Friend" idea. Clearly it is an image thing for some people to be friends on facebook. I had so called "friends" on facebook, who if I saw in person, would completely ignore me and look the other way as if I didn't exist but then continue to be my "friend" in facebook land. We clearly aren't friends if you won't talk to me in person.

"They" call facebook a social networking site, but how social are you being, sitting on your own, on your computer, spying on people you barely know!

And the stupid games and quizzes that are on there. What a waste of time, I surely have better things to do with my time and I am going to do them.

turn the computer off, call up your friend you were about to post a link to, and go out and have some actual face-to-face social interaction! You might even like it!

So my pledge is to not re-open my facebook account. I understand some people aren't "addicted" to it, I wouldn't say I was addicted, it was just the easy option when I had nothing to do, but I already feel better for not going on it.

Bon Voyage FB and good riddance!

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