Sunday, May 30, 2010

new developments

I have decided, and started the application process to do a semester overseas as part of my Uni degree.
I have decided to go to Bonn University in Germany.
I had looked at going here about a year ago, but never followed through with any application. I then started thinking about doing it again at the end of last year but my health and where I was emotionally would not have allowed me to do so.
Now that I have thought about it practically and I know where I want to go with my degree, therefore know what I want to study in Germany, I feel much more prepared to follow through with my decision.
It is all very exciting. I have organised for one of my tutors from last year to write me an academic reference. She is German and is doing her PhD in Literature. I had her as an English tutor last year, although my major is no longer in English she was happy to write a reference. I thought she would be a good option, being German and all, and then when I e-mailed her she informed me that she had actually studied at the University that I am applying for, for 5 years! How uncanny!

She is going to help me decifer the subject guide this week which is mostly written in German, as I have to get my subjects pre-approved by my faculty before I leave.
So I will be doing a semester of study, plus I will get to Germany a month early to partake in a language course to make sure my German is up to scratch!
I am going to a language school this week to see what level my German is at (it's not very good, I can tell you now!) and what level of class I can start next term.
The class is run by Lyceum Language Centre. and seemed like the best option of the schools I perused online.
I was considering going to my ex boyfriends mother for classes as she tutors German but that would be a bit hard, plus I get a certification from the course at Lyceum, and classes are generally cheaper than private lessons.
So I should really be assignment writing/reading so I will leave it here, but I am very excited about Germany and will update with more news soon!

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