Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am so very super excited to be applying at the moment to study at Bonn University for one semester next year.

The application closes on the 30th of July and I am doing all sorts of preparation at the moment.

I just recieved my personal reference in the mail, well hand mail via my sister, then my mum....from my sisters father-in-law. He was a SOGGY in the police force, and president of Legacy so I thought he might be a good personal reference and say some nice things about me (as he did).

I went in and saw my tutor from last year, yesterday and she went through the list of on campus accommodations and told me which ones were good (as she had friends who stayed in them, but she hadn't personally stayed in them) and what area's were nice.

We also went through the subject guide quickly and she helped me understand the website, as even though there is an "English" button, it doesn't translate most of the pages :(

So I have to put all my application through, applying for an OS help loan that is added to my HELP debt, which is lovely as it is an interest free loan that is only indexed and paid back with along with my Uni degree, as well as a mobility grant through the Uni.

On top of all that I have to factor in my RA to the equation. Spoke to my Rheumy and she said taking the meds- Enbrel should be okay as long as I can keep them cool (possibly stopping over in a country in Asia on the way through and staying in a hotel for a few days to put them in a fridge!) but the possible annoyance would be my assessment for eligibility for PBS of Enbrel as that has to be done every six months and if I fail to do this I may not recieve the Enbrel on PBS, and I can't afford to pay for it myself.
SO that is a bit of a dilemma at the moment.
Six months from my next assessment will be in March 2011 and I thought I was meant to leave for Bonn in Feb but I think I leave in early March so I have to give her a call to let her know of the change, so hopefully I can still get it, because it is WORKING!

Anyway, I am getting excited as I went to a German lesson on tuesday and will be starting an intensive course in July so it is all happening!
Now, just need to get saving, and planning all the places I can go on the weekends! hehe
I have even looked up German brands of Gluten Free food and found a few that look okay, a brand called Schär  . Guess I will just have to wait and see!
I am sad that I won't be able to have any beer because of my intolerances but hopefully I can find a nice gluten free one I can have, I'm sure they have that somewhere! There has to be gluten intolerant germans who want good beer! hehe

This is me in Cologne in 2007, which is about half an hour from Bonn. So excited to explore Europe again.
Anyway, will update more as things progress :)

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