Monday, April 18, 2011


I have been missing in action for a while as I have been flat out, and my blogging seemed to be fall at the wayside.

But I'm back and will try and post more regularly :)

My last post was talking about going to Bonn. There has been a few developments on that front.
I was all set to go, I had booked my flights to leave on the 27th of January so I would have a month in Bonn before I started class and I would get back before the semester started up back home.

I was pretty busy at the end of the year- with Uni, German language classes, and then I started seeing a new boy. I had told him that I was going overseas pretty early on, and he said it was fine, but he was going to miss me but he didn't want me to not go because of him.

It took me a few months of going back and forward in my mind but I had a good think about it and I decided when I had first applied for the program 6 months previous, I was in the right frame of mind to go, but things had changed and I had become a lot closer to my friends, and felt I would no longer be content travelling alone.

My new mister was also factored into the equation, as well as my gorgeous neice and nephew and my family.
Also it would push my degree back by six months too, and I am struggling on student wages, so I took that into account also.

It took a lot of convincing my Dad that it was a good idea to go when I had first decided to go. He had said to me "What if you meet someone before you go, won't you miss your friends? What about all the money you'll spend over there and not have any assets here?" I replied  "I won't meet anyone, and if I do, they can wait for me. I'll miss my friends but they'll be here when I get back. And what is six months of assets worth, when I can be travelling the world!" When I told him I had decided not to go, he rolled his eyes and lauged. I told him that he could say I told you so.

Health reasons were also part of the reason why I decided not to go. I knew that my RA would have a fairly big impact on my energy levels and how much I could do when I was there.
The cold winter in Victoria is bad enough, let alone an icy European Winter and Spring. I was planning on studying during the week and then travelling on the weekends. Last year I had begun my weekly German lessons and I was finding that physically exhausting on top of my studies, so I figured being on my own in a foreign city, in the cold, having to walk everywhere, I wouldn't be able to do everything I wanted to and that would make me frustrated and not enjoy my time.

I spoke to my physio about it (who used to be a nurse) and he said that he didn't think I would be able to do all the things I wanted and I was making myself sore and sick with the stress, and I hadn't even left yet, so he kind of helped me by being non-biased (un-like all my family and friends) and also qualified to know physically able I was. It is hard to know how much I can do and I like to think I can do all I want, but in reality I cant.

So that is what happened with Bonn.
I had a fun summer, I went to Queensland with the Mister and his brother and his girlfriend (I'll post on that later), worked a bit, and then the start of Uni and first semester came around really quickly!
The beach at Surfers Paradise in QLD.

I have been working at my sister's retail store since it opened in June, but I recently got a job as a casual Youth Worker for my local shire, so I am making the transition to my new position and this weekend is my last weekend at the shop.
I will have less hours at the shire, but more opportunity for career advancement, and better pay.
So that is a pretty exciting development for my career. I have worked for the shire a few times already, and am working again this week.

For a few weeks of my summer our exchange student Jess, who lived with my parents a few years ago, visited from. This was my sister and I with her at the airport as she was leaving.

Anyway, that is enough for my first post back, I will write more when I have time :)

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