Saturday, April 23, 2011

Queensland trip Jan 2011

I went to Queensland in January for a week with the Mister, his brother and his brother's girlfriend. We got there just as all the flooding was happening, but it didn't affect us or our families, thank goodness.
My friend lives north of Brisbane, and we were staying south of Brisbane so we didn't get to catch up, due to the flooding river in between us. That was dissapointing as I haven't seen her a lot since she moved to Brisbane a year and a half ago. 
We stayed at Carindale for a few nights at the Mister's Aunty's house. It was the first time I had met her and she was so lovely and hospitable. Driving us places, feeding us and filling us with drinks. The perfect host! She has a beautiful house, lovely garden, outdoor area and pool. Perfect for the weather in sunny Queensland.
It was warm the whole time we were there (when I say warm I mean HOT), and except for a little bit of rain on a few days, we missed most of the downpour which was handy, otherwise we would have been stuck in the hotel all week!
We went to Movie World whilst we were still in Carindale, then the next day headed down to Surfers Paradise. We then went to Sea World. The Mister's brother and girlfriend went to Wet and Wild also, but we were theme parked out, so we headed on a day cruise to South Stradbroke Island and had a bit of time together, which was lovely. The boat trip there took about 45 minutes. I saw a lady from my home town on the boat, which was uncanny! There was commentary on the properties we were boating past and we went past the most expensive area in Queensland, which is a little island suburb. One of the houses there was worth 27 million dollars. It had room for 10 cars in the garage (for all the ferrarri's and lambourghini's I imagine) and something like 25 rooms! Crazy!
When we got there we had a meal, had a look around and then went on a tractor ride across to the other side of the island. I then proceeded to go sand tobogganing. The mister wasn't interested in this so filmed me going down backwards (all by accident!) That was fun, but tiring! We had a lovely guide, I forget his name now, but he was from Samoa, and had his wife and her family and friends on the ride that day too. They were lovely also.  The tractor got a bit bogged on the way back and we were almost ready to set up camp for the night when it came unstuck, with a bit of humour in the mix too
Our trip to the other side of the island on this tractor pulled trailer. One side of the island, lush and green, the other side all beach.
We stayed in the hotel most nights and cooked there and just relaxed. Thats one thing about my mister that I like, he doesn't like to rush around and do heaps of different things, he just likes to chill and not try and do everything in one day. His brother and his girlfriend went out most nights for dinner and clubbing. I am not really a clubbing person, but my RA won't let me stand up for long anyway, so then I get sore and miserable so chilling and relaxing was perfect for me.
Our hotel
View of the beach from our room
View of the pool from our room

View of the coast from our room

 We swum at the beach and the water was so lovely. I do not often swim in the sea, so it was nice to do so. Got a bit of a tan, played mini golf and relaxed.

All in all, a good trip all round. I can't wait to go back again and visit some of my family, as well as my friend. She has moved but is still near Brisbane so should make a trip up soon!

Have you been to surfers paradise? 
Do you love the tropics and warm weather?

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