Sunday, April 24, 2011

Want to go to....Hare & Grace

After reading a post on I really want to visit Hare & Grace on Collins St in Melbourne.
Hare & Grace

Hare & Grace
The decor looks gorgeous, as well as the menu.
On the bar lunch and dinner menu, there is a line at the bottom that says PLEASE ASK YOUR WAITER FOR THE SWEET, GUILT, VANITY MENU.
Love it!
I also love how they call themselves an eatery and minibar
Might have to grab my friend Emma, who you can find at emmabovarybeauty

I have a few favourite eateries in Melbourne but am always looking out for more to add to the favourite list.

I will do posts on my favourite melbourne and surrounds eateries when I get a chance.

Do you have any favourite eateries in Melbourne you can recommend?

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