Sunday, May 8, 2011

Are you a planner and list maker?

I've become fairly un-organised and frazzled since spending a lot of my time at my mister's house. It looks like I live out of my car (eek!) and I am constantly forgetting my things in all sorts of places. I am trying to get settled, but feel like I don't have a place where I feel at home. So I am pretty excited to be house hunting with my mister (just rentals).

I absolutely love decorating and I get an exasperated "you haven't bought something else for the house have you?" from my mother, every time I come home with a new goodie I picked up on sale. The boy and I decided a few months ago to move when I was on my Uni break- mid year, so I have been keeping my eye out for specials and deals. Then when we move, we will have everything we need, and not be short of cash for buying it all at once. Mum isn't a fan of this, as I have turned a room of her house into my "glory room" instead of having a single "glory box". But I believe it is much more sensible.

But last night I made a study plan for the next 4 weeks (last 4 of semester), to assist me in feeling less frazzled and more on top of everything.

I used a great little weekly planner I had gotten earlier in the year from my favourite shop in the world, Typo, that I found under a pile of papers and book on my desks, and discovered how helpful it is! It has hourly lists for every day of the week and you just pop the date at the top of the page. I worked out when my assignments were due, when I had social gatherings and other events, then scheduled all my work around it. I have a diary which I use for appointments and day-to-day things, but this just being for Uni work is perfect!

Now I know what I need to be doing on each day to get all my Uni work in on time. Takes a load of remembering off my mind and allows me to plan free days amongst my studies to relax and not think about anything, because I have everything planned out. Magic!

We are going to look at a few open for inspections this week, so fingers crossed something works out :)

Are you organised and settled or do you feel out of place and frazzled? If so, what will you do about it?

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  1. I am a chronic list maker, all I need to do is learn to actually follow them and I'll be right=)
    It does look like you live out of your boot missy!