Thursday, May 19, 2011

My first foray into Beauty blogging.....

My bestie over at emmabovarybeauty has introduced me to the world of cosmetics and beauty, as well as the world of beauty blogging.

Don't get me wrong, I wear make up and have some favourite products, but Emma has shown me a whole other side to beautification and blogging and it has opened up my eyes to so many possibilities!

I was super excited to be Em's 'plus one' at the Kiehls beauty blogger event to 'launch' their price reductions at Myer Melbourne last week. (emmabovarybeauty post about it here)
I met some lovely ladies, got some great goodies and sipped on my nudie coconut juice whilst perusing all the products they have. I was super tired and on the verge of getting a migrane, so wasn't my usual chatty self, but still had a blast observing everyone (I'm a sociologist, that's what we do) and getting some good beauty tips.

I've only just started using my gifted Kiehls products so I will review them in time :)

Although.....I have decided to do a little post of some goodies I got today.

Whilst killing time waiting for my dentist to open, I found some sale items (yay) at my local Guardian Pharmacy. I know all the girls there, so wandered around for a while, but then spotted the sale stand, and nabbed myself some goodies.

Mini Maybelline Colorama nailpolishes in 'Berry Jam' and 'Baby Doll', Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 'Pretty Peach' and a Revlon Colourstay brow enhancer in Blonde/Gold.

I am new to the world of lipsticks, thanks to Emma (I never liked the dark colours my mum always wore and didn't ever think that light ones could work for me!), so am happy with my sparkly purchase. It was half price at $12 and isn't too thick or heavy, which I like.

I've yet to try the other goodies but will pop them up once I do. I usually like dark polishes for my toes and light for my fingers so was happy with these little bottles for $2.50 each :)

What do you think? Does the colour suit me?
What is your fave lippy shade at present?
Do you always go for the same shades or do you have heaps of different ones?


  1. You are the cutest little dollface in the whole wide world. Doin' me proud, beauty buyin' and whatnot.
    xx Love you

  2. Thank you darling. I am learning, and from the best :)