Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The quest for the flawless complexion....

I have, of late, been wearing a significant amount of make-up. This is due to the fact that I hate how uneven, red and blotchy my complexion is, and how tired I look without concealer!

In my quest to get a more flawless and even skin tone, that would allow me not to wear make up if I didn't feel like it, I have been trying to work out the perfect routine for my skin. I am after something that isn't too time consuming- I do like make-up, skin-care etc. but have a busy life so like to keep things simple and easy.

And I am also after products that aren't going to bankrupt me every month when I have to restock.
I always ask my bestie over at EmmaBovaryBeauty for her tips but have picked up some products that looked nice and gave them a go.

I do try and buy Australian when I can, but being on a pretty tight beauty budget, I tend to buy what is cheapest a lot of the time. I have actually found a lot of great products that are cheap, or "budget friendly" as I like to say, and don't think you have to spend a lot of money to get a quality product.

I'm going to start with face scrubs today, as my current one is almost empty and I found some bargains yesterday I thought I'd share!

I have been using the St. Ives Green Tea scrub for the last few months. I had used the Apricot scrub previously, and wasn't overly excited by it, but I love green tea, so I jumped on this one when I saw it!
The smell is lovely- like a sweet green tea. It seemed quite strong at first, but I soon fell in love!
It is quite a thick paste with grainy exfoliants throughout that are sandy in texture. If anyone has had green tea ice-cream, then it is a similar texture to that, if that makes any sense!

It says the it is "Oil free" and that it "Helps clear breakouts and soothes skin".
 It also says it has 1% salicylic acid- for acne prone skin and 100% natural soothing green tea.

As this one was almost empty, I was in search of another scrub. I like to try new products and then if they work better, I use them, or if not, I go back to the old one.

The other day, after Emma and I slept in and missed our Uni classes, we decided a shopping trip was what we needed. I had spotted a gorgeous candelabra her Mum had, and after she had told me that she got it at the reject shop, we stopped in to grab one, and spotted some skin care goodies for a steal!

I bagged each of these goodies for $3 each! I couldn't go past them at that price! If I remember correctly my green tea scrub cost around $10, so if they were at a similar price, a saving of $7 for each scrub is great!
The Moisturising Olive scrub looked nice and as my boyfriend works on an olive farm, and I do love a good olive product so jumped on this one too. I hadn't used olive products until I was introduced to a wonderful star and rose Olivette hand cream that is made from the olives on his farm, and ever since I've been a convert. I will do a post on this product at a later date.

I spotted the 'Warming Scrub' and as I have used a warming scrub before and loved the feel of it so jumped on this one!

My third bargain was the Apricot face wash. It comes in a pump bottle, which I like as it makes it easier on my arthritic fingers, and it is a 'blemish and blackhead control' wash, which I thought I'd give a try as I have noticed a few blackheads of late. It doesn't look as thick as the other scrubs, with a more jelly like texture.

I have a few more uses out of the green tea scrub, then I will start on one of my new ones and will let you know how they go!

Do you use face scrubs? Have you used any of these products?

xx C


  1. tsk, it's supposed to be a secret that we slept in! Those St Ives prodz were bargains, I'm looking forward to your review of them (esp the warming scrub as I've never used one)
    I like the Olive hand cream, should get one. Do they have sweet scented ones or are they just olive?
    And I can't decide whether or not I like green tea icecream...woe is me;P

    Love you xx

  2. @Emma- Star and Rose have other scents in the Olive range- Olive and Fig body mosituriser and a few bath oil soaks (which I think I might have to try the sea salt soak one). I recon the fig would be a bit sweeter smelling that the olive and lemon one I have.
    You know I like anything green tea but I do admit the ice-cream does have a weird texture, but I kinda like that too lol