Sunday, November 27, 2011

crafty corner

After being introduced to Pintrest by my sister (see her shop over at Hennie & Fox) recently, I have found some wonderful projects I would like to get done. As I'm not working much of late and have just finished up my Uni degree, I hope to get some projects done in the next few months.

I found this cute display heart:
....and today, whilst exploring down at the river at the back of the farm I found some driftwood, and although the mister made fun of me for lugging it back up, I cannot wait to make one of these!
I have a star shape of wood that used to be a mobile that I disassembled which I could also use as a frame, but the heart is pretty sweet so I might try that first.

Might make my little sis one for a housewarming gift as she moved recently.

Lots of projects, but finding the wood makes this one the top of my list. Might start tomorrow :)

Happy blogging.

C xx


  1. naw that heart looks rad babes, now I get what you were saying with the wood haha

  2. Yeah I figured I'd just tell you to look here. Easier than explaining :p