Saturday, November 26, 2011

End of my favourite season...

As November comes to a close I find myself saying farwell to my favourite season- Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere).

I love the garden in Spring and have recently been doing a bit of gardening in my spare time now that Uni has finished.
I wish that it could be Spring time all year long. The weather is perfect, not too hot with some rain here and there, as well as the beginning of more sunlight in the day, which makes me happy just thinking about it.

My gardening plans were pushed back a little as I was waiting on the Mister to do the heavy lifting to change a few things around, but now that he's flexed his muscles, building me a beautiful rock garden bed too, I've been able to get all the plants I have been collecting, finally in the ground. 

With the spring rain we are having today, I got them in in time to take advantage of the free watering!
Being on tank water I hate to water, but I found a tap in the garden and it is dam water so at least I can use that without fear of using up precious tank water.

But at the end of the season of Spring, comes a busy season-the Holiday Season, that will keep me well occupied and excited.

Being the first Christmas on the farm I don't have any christmas decorations, so am starting fresh with my colour scheme etc. I would like to make many of my decorations but depends how busy I am in the next few weeks. I was given a tree by my MiL (Mother in Law) and have gotten some silver and green ball decorations, but am after some cute handmade decorations. I have found a few that I like-

Pretty bird wreath. Could possibly be displayed year round and not just at Christmas time by simply changing the decorations.
I had more but my computer is being slow. Will pop them up if I actually get any made.

Talking about the next few weeks, it is my niece's 2nd birthday on the 15th of December so I have birthday presents, as well as Christmas presents to organise. The adults in my immediate family, are trying a Kris Kringle system of present giving this year. My Dad is not fond of the idea but we will try it this year and if it doesn't work out we won't do it next year! The mister's family do it too, which lightens the load, as well as the impact on the hip pocket too.

Booking our holiday to the Whitsundays in January has put a dint in the pocket but I am so excited! January is going to be a busy month with my best friend's 21st on the 7th, departing for our holiday on the 9th, back on the 17th, bridesmaid in a wedding on the 21st then back to Uni (fingers crossed) in early Feb.

No rest for the wicked eh?
At least they are all things I am looking forward to.

I hope to begin posting more often in the near future :)

Happy blogging.

C xx

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