Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New shopping Motto

I am always on the lookout for items for my home. I love decorating, by purchasing things, as well as creating things myself.

I cannot wait until I get to design my own home and fit it with all the possessions I have acquired over the years, but I read something a few days ago that made me think about my purchases.

Someone made a comment on a pintrest post (yes, I will admit it, I may have a slight pintrest obsession) that you should only have posessions in your home that are useful or that you find beautiful.

I tend to buy things because I like them, not because I truly need them. As I have not been working much of late, thus have had less expendable income, I tend to have this saying ring in my ears when out shopping/browsing.

But why is retail therapy so satisfying? I find if I am in bad mood, sad or irritated, that if I go off on my own and wander the shops for a while- Op shop or other shops, and finding something to purchase lifts my mood.

Not food shopping- what I gravitate towards of late is homewares, books or creative goodies, with clothing usually coming up last.

If I am in the mood to cook, or am craving something specific, food shopping can help, but it is usually the material possessions that give that sense of relief from what I had been stressing over, or the feeling of happiness.

It is so odd. And I know of many a girl who will do the same thing. I do wonder what it is that makes buying something so gratifying?

But suffice to say, after reading the quote about purchasing only useful or beautiful things I have already altered my habits, although creating a use for something could be a long term effect of this concept.....

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Do impulse buy for the sake of it?
What are your shopping habits?
Will you take on my newly acquired shopping motto?

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