Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ulta3 love

I have never really been a fan of nailpolish as it tends to chip so quickly and then I scratch it off and it annoys me, as well as looking horrible, but earlier in the year when I got a set of acrylic nails I began to search for a few colours to bump up my collection.

My friend Emma (emmabovarybeauty) worded me up on the affordable but comparable quality polishes by Ulta 3. I picked a few up with her on a city outing one day a few months ago.

Emma and I have been the best of friends pretty much as soon as we met but we are almost completely opposite in many ways. Fashion wise I tend to go for colours and vintage, whilst she wears a lot of darker colours with a "pop" handbag and keeps on top of all the recent trends.

We have a very different taste in music- she knows more of the top 20 and new stuff while I tend to listen mostly to JJJ due to the lack of annoying advertising and its Indie and Australian content (which she doesn't enjoy at all haha).

But differences aside we teach each other a lot of things. She has taught me a lot about beauty products and I always know to ask her if I have a question. Ulta3 was one of the things she introduced me to and I am grateful. I generally thought the cheaper nailpolishes were of lesser quality but with Ulta3 you  definately get value and quality for money.

Here are the polishes I picked up with Emma....
wild berry, blossom fever, chocolate cake (my fave). lily white and gooseberry.

I thought I had images of the colours on but I can't seem to find them. I do have photo's of this kit polish though. Was a freebie via Shop Til You Drop Mag.
This coraly-pink colour is one of my favourites.

These are my fave colours of the season.
Do you like these plain colours or do you go for glitter??
Do you maintain acrylics or go naked?
Anyone tried Shelac??

Happy blogging.

C xx


  1. Haha I keep on top of trends in my head (and never rock them myself) haha. Naw I love that polish it looks so much better on your with your tan than pasty ol' me. I was flicking thru TV before and saw the Aria's and was like yawn- I am a terrible Aussie! x

  2. you keep more on top of trends than I do.
    Yeah I saw the ad for the Aria's then watched "Home Renovation" instead. Typical me. lol

  3. The Ulta 3 polishes are really pretty :) I am a color person but lately I have enjoyed wearing a lot of murky shades :D
    That coral polish is soo pretty :)
    I like both plain and glitter but I usually just go for plain cause Im lazy I guess, it takes so much effort trying to take of a glitter polish ;)
    I have had acrylics before but they ruined my nails.. I used to be a nail biter so I tried everything to have longer nails but now I have stopped biting and my nails are longer so I just go with natural nails :)