Monday, March 19, 2012

Coffee and study

I am in my fourth week of my new uni course, and am loving study. My undergrad was a BA with a major in sociology, and when I started working in youth work last year, I realised that was where I wanted to be, so decided to continue study.
I am now doing a Masters in Adolescent Health and Welfare.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my undergrad but so much of it was theory. This course is much different with it being directed at those already in the work force, so the readings and all the information we are given actually makes sense to the real world.
The course is almost wholly by correspondence, as would make sense for the students its aimed at-professionals, with only a few optional sessions per semester, and I am embracing it with open arms.
I always thought correspondence wouldn't work for me because I used to find excuses for not doing work in my undergrad, but because the field of study is so interesting to me, and applies to my current, as well as future work, it is enjoyable and keeps me wanting to learn more.
I still need coffee to keep me going, but that's about the only similarity to my previous studies.
So I think that if anyone is considering going back to study and its something you love, and you can afford to do it, do it!
It will open your eyes and your mind, and all sorts of doors you never thought possible!


  1. So happy you are really enjoying this course babe :) and that you are still coffee mad with me !

    1. I will always be coffee mad, if I ever stop drinking it I will let you hit me over the head! :)