Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter feaster....

A wonderful weekend away on the Mornington peninsula for the Easter weekend/my birthday was filled with yummy food, good company, relaxation, reading and wine.
What else could you ask for?
No defening hail at 3am would have been nice, but otherwise not much else!

My bestie Emma and her man were lovely enough to let me crash their family holiday house in Rye. And although my man could only come for two nights, I had a lovely weekend.

We went for breakfast, sorry brunch, on Saturday at Peninsula Pantry, which Emma has been raving about for yonks and I finally got a chance to try it out!

It's just a 2 min drive from the holiday house, but on a super hilly road and in the freezing weather we drove the car. Emma wasn't wrong saying it was a tiny space, with room for around 20 squished around two big communal tables and a bench along the window and two communal tables outside.

It was packed when we got in, but we managed to jump on the window seat as soon as the people there stood up. It was way to cold to sit on the outdoor tables, but those outdoor tables filled up as we were having our brunch.

I had poached eggs on the housemade corn bread, which is gluten free, with creamy avocado (almost a whole avocado) and spinach as well as a soy latte. They have a range of gluten free products, breakfast, lunch and sweet treats.

My man had scrambled eggs, bacon and spinach along with a vanilla milkshake which he enjoyed. It was a bit noisy in there with a lot of happy brunch banter. I didn't mind, but B didn't really like it as we almost had to yell to hear each other. Happens in such a small place with lots of people packed in though.

Emma had a Buritto (as seen below) and coffee and her man had a bacon and egg sandwhich on turkish.

I was so happy with my meal and coffee, I went back for take away coffee on the monday to accompany the scrambled eggs I made on Emma's insistence. I nabbed some cookies that Emma had also been raving about, gluten free orange and cinnamon which I was planning to eat only half of and save some for later, but it was so tasty I munched the whole thing up on the car ride home!

I saw one of my second year Uni lecturers picking up some goodies as well. Popular spot!

A lovely weekend, filled with lovely food and company. Think I will have to do this more often!

Have you been to Peninsula Pantry?
What is your fave Mornington brunch spot?

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